About Moodyguy

My name is Victor Leung, I am a tea lover and teapot collector from Hong Kong.

Most of the pots selling here were produced by the former State-owned YiXing Factory, aka Factory No. 1 (dissolved as of 1997). I acquired them from 3 main sources: Mostly from Taiwan teapot collectors and merchants, a few of them from tea shops in Hong Kong or perhaps flea markets if I'm lucky.

Although some items are pricey, I earn slim profit margins due to many factors - its high resells value leads to higher costs, the clay quality enhanced tea brewing experience, rareness, and most importantly, the old charm and the epic production represent part of Chinese tea history which are highly sought by collectors, thus their value could not be compared to those non-F1 pots.

Consequently, I prefer selling online so that I could maintain sustainable margins while offering a reasonable price to you.

If you considered it is worth buying, I still urge you should have minimal discern skill self-learn (from interest groups, reference books or reliable experts). Dealing with potential buyers in the past few years, the primary concern was that they want to ensure what they buy is authentic, followed by its conditions.

Unless the buyer has concerns, most sold products would be kept on catalogue for a period of time for reference.

Last but not least, you may be charged import taxes and/or customs duties at destination country despite purchased online, this may affect your buying decision, please read the page Process & Shipping for details.

Anything need help, please leave me a message at below, thanks.


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